What your membership covers

Memberships and Honorary Memberships include the following services:

  • Completion of the various government forms at the time of death in order to obtain a death certificate and make burial arrangements
  • Transportation of the body to the masjid for ghusl (bathing) and shrouding
  • Preparation of the body for burial
  • Transportation of the body to the cemetery for burial
  • Costs of the coffin, gravesite and burial
  • Costs of a reception at a local mosque (optional) where coffee/tea/snacks are served

The following is an extract from the pertinent IFRA by-laws:

7.1 Benefits shall include the following:

  • Cost of the grave site and burial
  • Cost of a basic casket and shroud
  • Transportation of the remains between hospital, mosque and cemetery
  • Coffee/tea/snacks at a reception held at the Mosque in honour of the deceased, the monetary value of which shall not exceed $150.

7.2 Benefits shall specifically NOT include:

  • Cost of cement blocks or gravestones
  • Transportation of the remains outside of the Area

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