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CPP Death Benefits

The Canada Pension Plan provides for a lump-sum, one-time death benefit payment, provided the deceased has contributed to the CPP during his or her working life. The current death benefit limit is $2,500 and the following link provides the details on how the death benefit is computed.

The CPP has a provision to direct the death benefit payment “to the person or institution that has paid for or that is responsible for paying for the funeral expenses of the deceased.” We respectfully ask our members, in the event they receive a CPP death benefit or equivalent (such as through an employment health plan), to reimburse IFRA up to a maximum of the cost incurred by IFRA. In other words, we ask for a reimbursement of the lower of two amounts: IFRA’s costs and the death benefit received.

Should the member have other sources of death benefits, such as an employer’s health plan, we request that these amounts be pooled to calculate the total death benefits received by the estate, for the purposes of reimbursing IFRA’s costs.

Ontario Form 15

If you are wondering about the myriad questions in the membership form, such as father’s birth city, those questions come from Ontario Government Form 15.

Click here to look at Form_15.

Form 15 must be submitted upon death. No one likes to fill forms, but imagine how much easier it is to fill this out now. We understand if you are reluctant to supply some of that information, but consider how much easier it would be to have us fill out Form 15 on your family’s behalf on the day that it is needed.