Frequently Asked Questions

Are you sure $100 is enough?

Is everyone covered?

What if there is a shortage of funds?

What if there are more deaths than you planned for?

A: Only members are covered. These are regular members who have paid their membership dues, as well as those needy persons (honorary members) who have applied and whose applications have been accepted. As funds allow, we will open more honorary memberships.

We use actuarial models and statistical data to compute the expected costs. To clarify how the model works, we have included a case-study example here. At the moment, there are between zero and five deaths among Muslims each year in Guelph/Wellington—this is from data going back to the early 80’s to the present day. Since we are only covering members and not all Muslims in Guelph, we are expecting to cover a fraction of  these deaths initially. Accordingly we have raised sufficient funds from donations and memberships. In addition we have a benefactor who has stepped forward to provide contingency funds for up to three deaths that cannot be covered by the fund in the first year.

We think we have our basis covered, but let us know if you think differently. Our real-time fund-status is available here.

Is everything covered?

A: No. Please see the section What your membership covers. So, no, flying the remains to Lucknow, India is not covered, but fetching the remains from Lucknow, ON might be.

Do dues increase every year?

What if you have excess funds?

A: Dues might increase as costs increase, or stay the same if membership grows as expected. Our financial model is robust enough that, as we add members, we will likely have increased funds to expand coverage to needy families.

Why should I pay, I can afford my funeral?

Why should I pay, I can pre-buy my gravesite?

A: These are excellent questions that get to the heart of what IFRA is all about.

None of us knows when or where or under what circumstances we will die—though we pray for an honourable death. The funds that I would otherwise set aside for my death are better off serving others until my time comes, and I can take comfort in the fact that my family will be taken care of when that need occurs. This is sadaqa, and Allah-willing, sadaqa jaariya (on-going charity).

Graves that are pre-purchased and that sit idle for years are a wasted resource: such an investment is much better utilized on a first-come, first-served basis from a shared pool of reserved grave sites. Even if we could all afford to buy our graves right now, those funds and that land would be much better utilized to serve those who die first, knowing that we will be taken care of when our turn comes. This, in itself, is a strong argument for why we should pool our financial resources for funeral services.

Finally, there is a non-financial component of IFRA’s services that is in no way less valuable. Death is a time for grieving; yet there are myriad forms to fill and file, permits to obtain and arrangements to be made. IFRA’s volunteers are trained and ready to relieve this burden from your family.

I would like to ask a question…

A: Feel free to ask your question below (we may publish your question here without identifying you by name or email), or drop us a line at ifra.gw@gmail.com.


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